Miscarriage memorial book/box ideas

After the loss of a baby through miscarriage, especially earlier in the pregnancy, it can feel extremely hard to find different memorial ideas that you feel are special and unique to you. After my second out of three losses, I decided that I would just try and create a memorial book that I could make unique to me and how I felt about my  pregnancy, the different changes I went through physically and the plans that I had for me and my baby. Four years later, I am still able to look through this book and feel comforted by the memory of my angel baby. 

I purchased a large plain book of plain white pages and decorated the outer cover. This was a great way for me to feel distracted by being creative and also express my emotions through my creativity.

One thing many women who experience miscarriage can struggle with is not always getting to know the gender. With my first and second losses both being between 9-11 weeks, I also struggled with this but decided to keep neutral colours for my book such as yellows, creams, browns, purples, reds etc. 

I started the book by sticking down the first pregnancy test that I had taken and writing down the date, then followed this through with the different emotions and feelings I had at the time of discovering I was pregnant. Although this brought about a spiral of different emotions, being able to now look back and remember the happiness and excitement I felt really does help on the days I only feel sadness. 

On the following pages I wrote a short letter to my baby, telling him/her all of the plans I had for us and the things I hoped they would experience in life. Decorating each page in a meaningful and special way to me. 

You can include meaningful sections such as the baby's due date, how you would've celebrated their birthday's, the special things you would want them to know and any other emotions you may want to share with your angel. This can be something personal to you, or you way want to let your partner, family or friends also get involved. Talking to them about how important it is to you is also a great way for you to let them know how you feel and how they are able to help you. 

This is something that you may find will bring you great comfort in weeks, months or years to come and if so, we would love to see yours! 

Keysha JadeComment