Registered Charity Number 1172125

MASS is a UK based charity  founded in 2016 by self-help author Keysha Jade after she had experienced her third miscarriage. Keysha felt as though there was an exceptional need for more support offered to women after both a miscarriage and stillbirth, that has the genuine experience and understanding.

Here at MASS we focus on the different ways in which women grieve through baby-loss and how we are able to support every woman through their grief and bereavement after-care. Offering online grief support, local support groups across the UK and sourced counsellors.  MASS is the purpose born through the pain of miscarriage and stillbirth, following MASS Director Keysha Jade's third miscarriage, she formed together a group of several women who had also experienced miscarriage and stillbirth to initially help one another. For a while they would share support, tips and advice within the group, uplifting and encouraging one another through the difficult days. The group soon realised that if they could help one another, they could also help hundreds of other women through the same losses and pain. 

Keysha created case studies from each of the groups experiences and studied them over a period of 6 months, alongside her medical knowledge she was able to construct bereavement studies and establish how each experience could form advice and support for others. Those case studies became the growing foundation of MASS and the driving force behind their determination to use their pain in a purposeful manner.

We work with hospitals and medical centres here in the UK, introducing our bereavement after-care procedures and guidelines that are designed to focus on women and their families through the cycle of grief, avoiding the likelihood of women going on to experience depression or PTSD, by offering intensive care from the moment of diagnosis, into the months and years following. This also includes our hopes to open several well-being bereavement centres in the UK in 2018/19. If you would like more information, please visit our contact us page. 


With over 1000 women currently using our online support through social media, we are able to help women worldwide through the grief of baby-loss. This includes free, confidential 24-hour support and tailored grief support for their individual needs. 

We are also able to help source local counsellors here in the UK only. 

For more information on how we can help, please click the link below.